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Relational Care for the Autism Spectrum

A webinar Presentation by Nancy Marshall BA CYC, MA CYC, and Guest CYC Student Falon Wilton

Learning Level: Intermediate

Domains of Practice: Cultural and Human Diversity

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Course Description

This webinar provides Child and Youth Care (CYC) practitioners, and others who work with people with autism, with information regarding autism advocacy movements, disability rights, and current evidence-based practices, which shape the support received by autistic young people globally. Utilizing CYC characteristics you will identify relational CYC approaches you can use in your practice to support autistic young people and their families.

The webinar is co-presented with CYC student Falon Wilton who identifies as being on the spectrum, and has a wealth of valuable lived-experience and a solid understanding of relational CYC practice.

Learning Outcomes

In this webinar, Child and Youth Care professionals and other Social Service professionals working in schools or community agencies will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast social and medical models of disability as they apply to the treatment of autistic young people.
  2. Identify the key disability rights (freedom from inhumane treatment, freedom of expression, living independently & being included, education, health, employment, and participation in culture, recreation and sport) and the concept of neurodiversity as they apply to the treatment of autistic young people.
  3. Critically analyse behavioural practices supporting autistic young people globally.
  4. Utilizing the 25 CYC characteristics, identify relational CYC approaches that can support autistic young people and their families, including their attainment of human rights.

Who should attend?

The ideal participant will have had some experience in working with autistic young people in CYC settings OR is intending to work with this population of young people in CYC settings.

Your Presenters

Image of Presenter Nancy Marshall Nancy Marshall is a school and community-based Child and Youth Care Practitioner in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has supported diverse young people on the autism spectrum for over ten years. Nancy recently completed her Master’s degree in Child and Youth Care at Ryerson University with a focus on disability rights and autism. She looks forward to attaining a Ph.D. in Education to promote research in improving Special Education and life-long outcomes for young people with disabilities.

Falon Wilton is a youth worker, educator, peer autism coach, and budding herbalist. A current CYC Student, Falon identifies as being on the spectrum and has wealth of valuable lived-experience and a solid understanding of relational CYC practice.

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Deb Cockerton has been in the field of Child and Youth Care since 1978. She has experience in many CYC environments including institutions, school boards, hospital setting, and community agencies. Deb has a private practise and is a member of the faculty in the CYC Program at Fleming College.

Deb is a member of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors and the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists.

She enjoys both promoting the field to other professionals and supporting fellow Child and Youth Counsellors.

“Our relationship building with our clients is how we help to create change; by caring enough to support them and guiding them on their journey.”

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