Webinars will be live and interactive for the participants including engagement questions, break-out room discussions, polls, and chatbox interactions. Webinars can be delivered from the comfort of your home or office. You will have experience in webinar delivery, or we are happy to train you in this format. Our Director of Continuing Education will assist you in developing your learning outcomes, provide our CYC Assets presentation outline template and assist you in developing your participant resource package. We provide webinar PowerPoint development training at no cost to our Presenters and offer ongoing professional development in webinar delivery. Fees Paid: The Webinar Presenter develops and delivers a live and interactive synchronous 120-minute webinar using PowerPoint. The payment is $250. CDN per live webinar delivery. This fee covers both prep and presentation time and is inclusive of any provincial/state taxes that you may charge. On-going residual payments of $10. per participant will be paid q