Being Young, Black and in Care…Webinar

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Being Young, Black and in Care

Educational Experience of Black Youth in Ontario’s Child Welfare System

A webinar Presentation by Travone Edwards, MA

Date: Coming in June, 2018
Time: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM (EST)

Learning Level: Introductory/Intermediate

Domains of Practice: Cultural and Human Diversity

Price: $50.00


Course Description

Black youth and Families are over-represented in the child welfare system and although there are many promising commitments being made by government agencies and public institutions they still do not consider the Black Youth experiences of managing their education while living in care. Current literature indicates that racial and ethnic discrimination is a common experience for Black Youth in schools and across Ontario. Travonne Edmonds research explores Black Youth in Care and their experiences with education. In this webinar, you will explore the challenges of Black Youth through the lens of systemic and institutional racism, intersectionality, colour-blindness, anti-Black racism, and counter-storytelling. You will also discuss the protective factors which support positive outcomes such as Afrocentric Schools, Allyship, Mentors and your role and impact as a Child and Youth Care Worker.

Why take this course?

As a CYC Professional, you can be a valuable resource for Black Youth in a variety of settings including child welfare and educational settings. Understanding Critical Race Theory can be a powerful tool in understanding why policies have shifted to support the success of Black Youth. This course will help you reflect on the issues of racial inequity and to utilize anti-racist practices in your support of children and youth.

By participating in this webinar you will:

  • Have an understanding of the typical experiences of Black Youth in schools and public settings
  • Examine Critical Race Theory to understand how systemic oppression exists in our institutions and how you can begin to address issues within your organization
  • Take away six real-life examples of programs and activities that have made an impact on reducing institutional racism and are building toward positive outcomes for Black Youth
  • Learn how CYC practitioners can be mentors to Black Youth
  • Set your own goals on 'Being an Ally' utilizing anti-racist practices

Learning Outcomes

During this webinar you will:

  1. Review current disproportionalities and disparities in education and child welfare for Black Youth in Care.
  2. Review current research and literature; A Better Way Forward: Ontario’s 3-Year Anti-Racism Strategic Plan (Anti-Racism Directorate, 2017); The Ministry of Children and Youth Services Blueprint for Building a New System of Licensed Residential Services (2017); Ontario’s Black Youth Action Plan
  3. Describe the tenets of Critical Race Theory; permanence of racism, intersectionality, a critique of liberalism/colour blindness, anti-Black racism and counter-storytelling.
  4. Discuss how the tenets of Critical Race Theory impact Black Youth and Families experiences in schools and public institutions.
  5. Identify five protective factors that mitigate the impact of anti-Black racism and increase success for Black Youth in Care.
  6. Discuss anti-racist considerations for CYC professionals.
  7. Explore your role and impact as a CYC professional.

Your Presenter

Travonne Edwards

Travonne Edwards is a Child and Youth Worker working in post-secondary education institutions. He came to Ryerson University in 2014 with a Child and Youth Care worker advanced diploma from Sheridan College, earned his CYC bachelor’s degree from Ryerson in 2016 and is a member of the first graduating class of Child and Youth Care Master’s program. After completing his undergraduate studies, he worked as a teaching and research assistant in the School of Child and Youth Care, a behavioural teaching assistant in the Peel District School Board, a child and youth worker for the Children’s Aid Society in Peel, in privatized residential group and foster homes and a child and youth worker professor at Sheridan College, George Brown College and Seneca College. Currently, he is working as the Provincial Youth Program Development and Design Associate at YouthREX located at York University.

Your Presenter Travonne Edwards

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Deb Cockerton has been in the field of Child and Youth Care since 1978. She has experience in many CYC environments including institutions, school boards, hospital setting, and community agencies. Deb has a private practise and is a member of the faculty in the CYC Program at Fleming College.

Deb is a member of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors and the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists.

She enjoys both promoting the field to other professionals and supporting fellow Child and Youth Counsellors.

“Our relationship building with our clients is how we help to create change; by caring enough to support them and guiding them on their journey.”

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