CYC Relational Approach to ABA

CYC Relational Approach to ABA - image of notebook and womens hand writing with a penDate: January 2019

Time: 2 hours

Learning Level: Intermediate

Domains of Practice: Developmental Practice Methods

Price: $50.00

Course Description

This webinar will take the guesswork out of data collection and help you to add meaning and significance to the data you collect.  We will talk about the different methods of collecting data and the different dimensions of behaviour that you can use when you collect data. We will talk about the intersection between Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and the Relational Framework and how data collection can be used to strengthen your CYCP practice. We want to debunk the myths surrounding data collection strategies, clarify the different types of data collection and empower you to use multiple data collection and analysis strategies in your CYCP practice.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this webinar Child and Youth Care Practitioners in a school or residential setting will be able to:

  1. Create Data collection plans that add clinical and social significance to your behaviour modification plan development process.
  2. Describe the theoretical framework of Applied Behaviour Analysis and how you can use it to strengthen your data collection practices.
  3. List the two types of data collection and the five dimensions of behaviour.
  4. After looking at an example of a specific behaviour you will be able identify what dimension of behaviour it is occurring in and which dimension of behaviour to take data on.

Who Should Attend?

Evidenced-based interventions and programs are highly valued in program design, implementation, and evaluation. Historically the CYCP discipline has resisted using systematic approaches to changing behaviour, by the very nature of the relational framework. This webinar will delve into the intersection between ABA and the relational framework, debunking the myth that systematic strategies do not fit with the relational framework.

This webinar is designed for classroom and residential CYCP’s who want to sharpen their data collection skills and learn more about how data can be directly linked to socially meaningful behaviour change programs. If you have ever been asked to collect data, developed some sort of behaviour modification program, or observe, this webinar is for you.  We will talk about how to bring clinical meaning to data collection for in school, residential and community settings.

Your Presenter: Coura Niang

Coura Niang is a Child and Youth Care Practitioner with a specialty in Behaviour Analysis who teaches at Humber College and runs a private practice, Coura is currently working towards national certification in the field of Behaviour Analysis. She has extensive experience working within the public school board and various other community settings.

What can you expect from a CYC Assets Webinar?

CYC Assets’ webinars are designed to resemble a workshop; expect to participate in activities, ask questions and actively engage with your facilitators and others attending the webinar. Each webinar is approximately 2 hours in length.

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At the end of the webinar you will be provided a list of resources including web resources, articles, books, and client resources that were discussed or referred to during the webinar.

To receive a certificate of completion you will be required to complete a knowledge assessment (KAT) and pass.

You will have access to the webinar for seven days, where you are able to email the webinar facilitator with any further questions you may have. We highly recommend you make every effort to attend the live webinar, however if you are unable to attend, we’ll send you a link to the recording. You will also have access for seven days following the live event and the opportunity to email any question you have to the facilitator. When you purchase access to a webinar it is intended for your personal use only. If you are part of a group or organization requiring access for multiple staff, please contact CYC Assets for group pricing at

CYC Assets

CYC Assets was created to fill the gap in CYC professional development and offers domain of practice based webinar topics helping you to build new skills, examine new research and methodologies, expand your knowledge in areas new to you, or to refresh your current skills. Continuing education is an ongoing process and essential to being a professional in this field. At CYC Assets we are committed to offering webinars, resources and other learning opportunities that are both cost and time effective.

Join us and be part of the collective knowledge that we can share with each other to advance our profession.

Deb Cockerton has been in the field of Child and Youth Care since 1978. She has experience in many CYC environments including institutions, school boards, hospital setting, and community agencies. Deb has a private practise and is a member of the faculty in the CYC Program at Fleming College.

Deb is a member of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors and the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists.

She enjoys both promoting the field to other professionals and supporting fellow Child and Youth Counsellors.

“Our relationship building with our clients is how we help to create change; by caring enough to support them and guiding them on their journey.”

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Once your payment has been processed CYC Assets does not offer a refund. If you cannot attend the webinar live, we will provide you a link to the recording.

If CYC Assets cancels a scheduled webinar for any reason the webinar will be rescheduled. If the webinar cannot be rescheduled your registration fee will be refunded in full.

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